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Scylla and Stone

"Flirty But Introverty" Sticker

"Flirty But Introverty" Sticker

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Matte Vinyl Sticker

~2.6 x 3.4 inches


My "Hot Tea in the Garden" sticker series is a revitalization of "A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden," which is a book of verses from ~1900. Let's just say the verses... Did not hold up with time. Don't worry -- I made them relevant again! Each sticker is an illustration depicting a different flower you might find though a Jane Austen novel-like stroll through the countryside, and like the characters in those novels, full of piping hot truths and gossip.

Revitalized vintage illustration from "A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden," sourced through the British Library 's Open Commons.



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