FAQs and Policies

What is your shipping policy?

$5 flat shipping from items coming directly from my studio, but clothes/accessories/home goods may have a different shipping price! This is a one-woman show. I usually send all packages within a few days of the original order (unless it's a custom-made piece -- Then it may take longer). I send everything from my studio via USPS First Class mail. Items printed elsewhere may have different shipping.

What is your return policy?

I want you to be just as happy with the piece as I am! I hand-create each piece, and never post anything until I am pleased with it. I package each piece carefully so it will (hopefully) not get damaged in transit.

However, while I do not offer refunds, I do offer exchanges. If you are unhappy with a piece when it arrives, please feel free to send it back for a credit for a new piece. There is a 5-day limit for exchanges. 

How do I care for my jewelry?

My jewelry is accessibly priced and may show wear and tear with harsh usage. I use sterling silver, raw brass, and copper in many pieces, which will tarnish over time (yay oxidation and science!). These can be easily polished with a cloth. Or, you may like the aged look! Some pieces come pre-patinaed and will have sealant. 

Sometimes, I also use un-soldered connectors in my pieces. I do this for safety; They are SUPPOSED to open in case they get trapped on something. However, with a set of pliers, jump rings can easily be re-closed!

If I have metal sensitivities, can I wear these pieces?

Short answer is: Depends on the piece and your metal sensitivity. For example, since I cut my own chain (but do not, in most cases, make my own chain), I cannot 100% guarantee what's in the pieces. If I know for sure every metal that's within a piece, it will state a single metal (e.g. sterling silver, brass, or copper).

I also offer many pieces on leather cords, which may be an easier option for folx with sensitivities. 

Do you sell in-person?

Yes! Follow my Instagram to see which craft show I am at!