Metalsmith Studio in Portland, OR.

Where the monsters of myth are the modern day muse.

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Ancient Relics

Real ancient human-made relics (coins, glass, etc.) in handcrafted settings. Periods and regions... 

Clothing and Accessories

Vintage iconography with a modern twist. 

Stickers and Cards

Reinvigorated and (often inappropriate) vintage designs. Professionally and locally printed high-quality vinyl... 

  • About Scylla & Stone

    Located in Burien, WA (just outside of Seattle), Scylla & Stone delights in incorporating fascinating history and cool science into our designs.

    Learn more about Scylla & Stone, and how I went from museum professional to silversmith.

    About Scylla & Stone 
  • Ancient Coins

    One of our most popular collections is our ancient coin designs. Each coin is hand-cleaned, identified, and crafted in a setting right here in Burien!

    Learn more about our coins! 
  • Garnet mixed metal ring (sterling silver and brass)

    Get Your Rocks Off!

    We love gems and minerals here at Scylla & Stone, including the history, science, and lore behind them!

    Learn more about some of our rocks! 
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