About Scylla & Stone

Image of the owner of Scylla & Stone.

Scylla & Stone is a one-woman owned and operated metalsmithing studio located in Portland, OR.

Before the Pandemic, I was a museum educator. However, like many artisans, I made the decision to monetize my hobby (metalsmithing) in 2020. I’m the kid (and, to be honest, also the adult) who grew up going to Renaissance festivals and who combs the ground for neat things. Like a crow, I collect trinkets and treasures, and I wish to share them with you!

The name "Scylla and Stone" stems from my love of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. The Odyssey was my favorite tale growing up (thanks Wishbone!), and it inspired in me an interest in storytelling, history, and archaeology. Scylla, according to the Ancient Greek myth, was a beautiful nymph who was turned into a six-dog headed sea monster out of jealousy. She became a powerful force to be reckoned with -- So much so that she ate six of Odysseus' men. She literally ate the patriarchy for breakfast. I figured that the awesome and powerful Scylla was a great namesake for my one woman-run business that began on the Puget Sound.

Most of my work was created while listening to spicy fantasy audiobooks and/or a true crime podcast. My artistic aesthetic could be described as: "sunken fae treasure." I enjoy adding organic textures and shapes to my pieces so that they look like they were handmade (in like, a long-ago forge).

P.S. We used to be called "Murdoch's Method," in case you encountered me under that name before!