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Murdoch's Method

"Raise a Glass": Ancient Roman Glass Pendant Necklaces (Multiple Styles)

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Artifact: Ancient Roman glass beads

Metal: Sterling Silver

Closure: Lobster claw closure

Note: Variants are labeled by a letter in the right-hand corner on the necklace card. Please refer to corresponding photos next to a quarter for size estimates. 


The Roman Empire was HUGE and it encompassed (read: invaded) so many disparate parts of the world.

With such a huge empire with vast resources, under which were many diverse people with unique knowledge and skills, fascinating new practices were invented.

One of these was glassblowing. Yes, the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and others knew how to make glass. However, the Romans developed how to blow it and manufacture it in large scales. They did it so well, they were able to do it aesthetically: adding metals and metallic oxides to create different colors and effects. It was a new and beautiful way to create the everyday things a large empire needed!

And much of this glass has survived the ages! Thanks to the iron and metallic oxides used in the creation process, they even have unique patina! It's like seaglass on steroids and hallucinogens! It's GORGEOUS!