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Murdoch's Method

"Merry and Den-Bright": Psilomelane Dendrite Wall Hangings/Ornaments (Multiple Styles)

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Stone: Psilomelane Dendrite in Sandstone/Limestone

Description: Slabs of psilomelance dendrite stones with wirewrapped bail with petrified wood bead. Two different accent colors: Gold (brass and gold paint) and copper (copper and copper paint). Each stone is painted with metallic paint on the back/sides, and attached to a small Italian leather loop at the top for hanging. 

Please pick with variant you would like -- They're labeled with letters on the tags in the photo. You can find a corresponding ruler photo for size estimates as well. They are pretty heavy for their size (I have hung mine with a nail). 

Fun Facts:

These stones are often mistaken as plant fossils, but there isn't any actual flora inside these stones!

Instead, these beautiful fractal patterns are created by manganese and iron oxides, as they crawl up the crevices of the stones and bend around the microscopic grains of the rock.

These rocks are a prime example of beautiful artwork hand-painted by nature! Looking so much like the branches of pine trees, they could almost be their own Christmas card.