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Murdoch's Method

"Holiday Spirits": Star Garnet Coffin Necklace

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Stone: Star Garnet

Metal(s): Copper/Brass/Mixed Metals. May not be suitable for individuals with metal allergies.

Chain: 26" with lobster claw closure. Black.

Fun Facts

Did you know there are over 20 species of garnets? And only 5 of these species are commonly used as gemstones?

They're called species because while they are closely related, they are different enough. They all share relatively the same crystal structure, but have differing chemical compositions. Garnets come in every color of the rainbow, due to these large variations.

This is a star garnet. Star garnets are not species of garnets, but rather a special variation of one or two species (almandine or a mixture of almandine and pyrope). The deep red/purple coloring of almandine garnets comes from ferrous iron.

The flash in these garnets comes from inclusions of rutile, which is a needle-like crystal mineral. So, sort of like fiber optic wires! To get the star pattern, known as an asterism, the garnet must be cut JUST right. This star garnet doesn't quite have a super clear asterism, but it does have a pretty rutile flash!