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Murdoch's Method

"Ghost in the Shell": Fireball Pearl Necklace (B)

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Stone: Pearl

Chain: Satellite

Length: Please refer to photo with ruler.

Closure: Lobster claw with small pearl charm.

Metals: Brass/gold plating, alloys. May not be suitable for individuals with metal sensitivities.

Note: This pearl has a large imperfection in the back from where it was connected to the mollusk. 

Fun Facts: This is a fireball pearl, which is a specific type of baroque pearl. "Baroque" is a term given to irregularly shaped pearls. These organically-shaped curiosities are often from freshwater mollusks. Pearls are formed when an irritant enters certain species of mollusks (e.g. clams, mussels, and oysters). To protect itself from the irritant, the mollusk produces layers of a fluid called nacre to encapsulate the irritant. When hardened, this nacre is what creates the pearl and the ensuing pearlesence! In fact, many iridescent shells, like abalone, also have layers of nacre!