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Murdoch's Method

"Basic Witch": Hag Stone Necklaces - Various Designs!

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Hag Stone necklaces. Please choose which style you like! Leather cords with various lengths, style, and colors.

Note: Any necklace with metal pieces may not be suitable for individuals with metal sensitivities. Not vegan -- this is animal leather (deer and cow).


A, B: Deerskin leather with simple knot (not adjustable)

C, D: 2 mm Italian cow leather. Adjustable double slipknot closure. 

E - J: 1 mm Italian cow leather. Adjustable double slipknot closure. Please be aware it's possible to Hulk snap this cord if you try to force the knots since it is so skinny.


Hag Stones are naturally-formed magickal relics that were revered by the ancient Celtics and Britons. 

These stones are special because they have a hole created only by moving water. 

It is said that if you look through the hole of a Hag Stone, you may gaze into the Fae Realm or Otherworld. They are magickal portals.

Because Hag Stones are formed in water (which is purifying and resistant to malicious magick), they are purported to protect the wearer from malaise and nefarious spells. Good luck may also find the user. Hang them from your neck, or other places you wish to protect.

Pick whichever calls to you!